Thursday, February 7, 2013

DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

I have wanted to make a DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser for quite some time now. I have seen them practically everywhere in the online world and I’ve had all the supplies on hand. Today’s not so lovely weather made for the perfect crafting opportunity.

All you need is a mason jar of your liking, a mason jar lid, a ring, and a soap pump from an old soap dispenser. If you don’t have an old pump on hand, head to your local dollar store. They have plenty of soap dispensers that would work well. In addition, you need a drill and a bit the size of your pump, some sort of spray paint (I used white epoxy), and some glue (something strong-a hot glue gun will work nicely).
The task itself was so simple. I placed the lid on the mason jar and screwed on the ring. I then made a mark on the middle of the lid with a marker and drilled a hole. Place the pump through the hole to see that the hole is large enough. The hole I drilled fit the pump very nicely (it was a super tight fit) so I didn’t even have to use the glue.
Next, I spray painted the lid and the ring white to match the pump. You can get really creative with this part, but I wanted to keep mine white and classic. Allow it to dry well and then you are ready for the glue step! If your pump doesn’t fit super snug like mine did, you might want to add a few dabs of glue for security. Place a few dabs of glue under the pump and press it onto the mason jar lid, pressing down hard for about 20 seconds.
**If you are planning to paint the pump itself, especially if it is plastic, I would recommend using a paint that holds up really well on plastics, like Krylon.
Once it is done drying, you may need to cut the straw part of the soap pump to properly fit your mason jar. Mine was about two inches too long. If yours happens to be too short, you can try using a smaller mason jar or head to the dollar store to buy a soap dispenser with a longer straw part.
Fill your new and pretty soap dispenser with soap and you are done!

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