Friday, June 28, 2013

Treat-filled Firecracker Craft

Hooray; it's Friday! Time seems to be flying by lately. I can't believe that July is just a few days away. Since July is approaching so soon, I wanted to share a super easy and inexpensive craft to honor the 4th of July. If you happen to have kids on summer break who are already bored and need something to do, this craft would be perfect for an easy afternoon activity. These treat-filled Firecrackers would also be great as party favors at Independence day cookouts.
Here's what you will need:
A paper towel tube cut in half, scissors, tape, scrapbook paper (red, white, and blue), ribbon, and candy or any other kind of filler.

Let's get started:
Begin by wrapping the tube in paper and covering one end of the tube with a circle cut from the scrapbook paper.
Next, fill your "firecracker" with whatever you choose. Candy always works well! Once the goodies are inside, cut another circle from scrapbook paper to cover the other end of the tube.

Cut three pieces of ribbon or cord and tie a knot at one end.

With the scissors, carefully punch a hole in the center of one end (make sure the hole is not too big- it needs to be a snug fit). Being careful not to rip the paper, feed the knot through the hole so that it is secure.

And now you have a treat-filled "firecracker"!

How do you usually celebrate the 4th of July?
My day is usually spent at the beach.

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