Monday, November 19, 2012

November Etsy Finds

I often turn to Etsy not to necessarily purchase something, but to admire the thoughtful and creative work out there (and to get some ideas for DIY projects). There are so many neat ideas for gifts and so many cool handmade ornaments and decorations for the holidays.

I am in LOVE with this tree skirt from The Poppy Hollow. I catch myself staring at the listing at least once every day. It is made of cotton and linen. Beautiful and simple. Each piece is hand cut and carefully stitched together. I can't imagine how long it must have taken Amy to make this. It is simply gorgeous, but at $205, I think I will just have to admire it on my computer screen.
You can admire along with me, here.
I, lover of all things garland, naturally adored this cute Give Thanks banner made by Sawdust Market. It has sold since I saved it as a favorite, but it is so cute... and I might actually be able to re-create it on my own. I'm thinking a Christmas-themed burlap banner.

Last but not least, I instantly fell in love with these gorgeous linen stockings by Satin Stitch Designs. I caved and purchased two that same evening. Thank goodness I purchased them when I did; the price has gone up $8 per stocking since I ordered them. They arrived last week and I cannot wait to hang them, fill them, hug them, pet them, and cherish them (Yes, they are that great). These stockings are perfectly classy and simple.

Do you ever shop on Etsy? If so, what are your favorite finds on Etsy this month?

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