Wednesday, May 29, 2013

DIY Small Hanging Lantern

Hello everyone; I hope you're all having a great week so far. Today, I want to share a do-it-yourself project that is super simple to make (and basically costs nothing to make). I'm a huge fan of creating things from materials that would have otherwise been thrown away (or in this case, dropped off at the recycling center).
I saw some steel can lanterns online and thought that they would be a great compliment to summer cookouts and parties. I can't even imagine how cool a bunch of these would look at a DIY wedding reception, painted in coordinating colors. Between all the black beans, diced tomatoes, and veggies consumed in this household, I knew I should put some of these cans to use.
I started by removing the labels, scrubbing off the glue, and washing out the cans. I then filled them with water and froze them. I read that it is much easier to make holes in the cans when they are frozen solid.

Next, we took a nail and made designs in the can. The one pictured below has a bunch of random nail holes, but you could make a star, flowers, spell out words, etc. Make sure to create two holes at the top of the can (directly across from one another) so that you can attach wire or string to hang the lanterns.

The next step is to paint the cans. I chose Valspar's Pine Green, which blends in great with the backyard. Once the paint dries, use wire, twine, hemp, or string to make a handle. Place a tea light candle inside and admire the beautiful glow!

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