Monday, October 21, 2013

Week Recap + DIY "Spooky" Ghosts

I hope all of you enjoyed the weekend; I definitely did! Sundays are now my favorite day of the week- my only rest day. I spent the day catching up on the housework I've been neglecting and I downloaded a few more books to read on my Kindle.
I had a week full of teaching fitness classes, plus 3 training runs. It's hard, but I'm determined and I plan to get through it :) After all, race day is just 46 days away!

Here's a few photos from the week-

Have you decorated your house for Halloween yet?

If not, I've got a very inexpensive DIY project that will get your house in the spirit!

Today, I've got a very simple, but fun craft to share with you: "Spooky" Ghosts. I used to make them with my mom each year as a child, and we still decorate with them for every Halloween. If you have kids, they will love to help "decorate" them by adding spooky faces.

This craft costs practically nothing and you probably have some of the supplies at home already. You will need an old white sheet or a t-shirt, orange yarn or ribbon, Poly-fil or some stuffing from an old pillow, scissors, and permanent markers.

First, cut a square from a sheet or t-shirt.

Next, place some Poly-fil or pillow stuffing in the center of the square. The stuffing will be the head of the ghost. Tie a piece of yarn or ribbon around the base of the "head."

Next, with a pair of scissors, cut two slits in the very top of the ghost head.

Thread a piece of ribbon or yarn through the opening.

Finally, draw a face on your ghost. Kids will love to help with this part!

And hang them inside from a chandelier or outside from a tree. We usually have about a dozen hanging from the trees outside. It definitely gets us in the Halloween spirit and the neighborhood kids love seeing them when they come  trick-or-treating .

Do you have any Halloween traditions?

We usually decorate the house, carve pumpkins, and hand out candy to the kiddos. There's usually a caramel apple or two involved :)


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