Friday, November 22, 2013

Running Troubles

It's Friday. Thank goodness!
The 10 mile race I'm running is just over 14 days away and I'm not feeling so prepared. I was so excited for this race and I still am, but I've faced some challenges with this time around!
I stuck to my training plan really well, until I went out of town for a long weekend. Tons of driving + unfamiliar cities + no access to a treadmill = no running for me. I ended up skipping two of my runs, and believe it or not, I already feel like I'm out of "running shape." Saturday's 7-mile run turned into a 5 mile run and Monday and Wednesday's runs became "mostly runs" with a little bit of walking. I'm nervous to see how tomorrow's 8-miler goes.
And I've been having a tough time finding a shoe that works for me. While I used to love my Brooks Cascadias, I've transitioned to lightweight shoes for my fitness classes and no longer like how heavy my Brooks are. I've tried some of their lightweight shoes, but couldn't find a good match.
I need just the right amount of support, so it's been tricky. After buying and returning over a dozen pairs of running shoes from Amazon, I finally settled on these Gel-Lytes from Asics. They're lightweight and they have some support, but they're not perfect.
 I'm still convinced that the perfect shoe is out there.
My running schedule paired with my work schedule (lots of fitness classes) has been tricky on my knees. I'm just 22 years old, but my body has been feeling more like 80. I needed some sort of a quick fix, so I ordered these Mueller's Jumper's Knee Straps from Amazon. While they don't fix the problem, they make my runs more bearable. I think that my body really just needs a rest, but it will have to wait until December 8th.

On a positive note (sheesh, about time!), I've been preferring outdoor runs to the treadmill runs. I used to dread running outside, but I now love it. I get to look at the scenery around me instead of a wall, and no two runs are ever the same.

Hope you enjoy the weekend!
If you're a runner, what are your favorite shoes?
Have any races planned?

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