Monday, December 17, 2012

The semester is officialy over...

I can truly say that I am so glad to finally have a break from classes, even if it's just for a few weeks. Although I only took 12 credit hours of classes, I was still a full time student with a very demanding schedule working part time as well. I had a ton of deadlines, lots of exams, and a few borderline OCD instructors. At times I wanted to scream, cry, and even give up, but I kept on and worked as hard as I could.

The hard work paid off...Dean's List!

My last and final semester starts mid-January and I am so excited! I'm really looking forward to the Nutrition Science class, as I hope it will help me with better understanding my dietary needs. The Literature for Children class looks pretty interesting as well. The rest are just required for my concentration, so I'm sure I will be learning a lot.

I have been taking classes all Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters since graduating high school, in 2009, so I could have manageable course loads. For those of you who don't know me in real life, I have taken the majority of my classes online. Being a Distance Education student was the right choice for me, as I have been allowed many opportunities that a traditional student wouldn't be afforded. I have been able to work several part-time jobs simultaneously, I chose to live at home to reduce my expenses, I have been able to build up my savings, and I will graduate without any debt! I tried a semester of being a traditional student and it wasn't for me; I just wasn't happy. Despite the criticism I have received, I wouldn't change anything about my path or decisions. Regardless, nearly four years later, I am really looking forward to May (aka Graduation!) and the next phase of my life.

    Go Pirates!

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