Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wrap presents... Check!

I finally finished wrapping all the Christmas presents! Although it is one of my favorite parts about Christmas (Seriously! If you have presents that need to be wrapped, call me.) I am glad to have that part checked off my to-do list. Now I have time to actually enjoy those last few days until Christmas and soak up the holiday cheer! I've been seeing so many cool ideas for decorating, baking, and gifting, and I might just have to give some of them a try. I've also been listening to a ton of Christmas music on Pandora; it really gets me in the spirit!

I took this photo of the x-mas corner yesterday after the wrapping was over. I bet you'll never guess what the huge present is... Merry Christmas to mom and dad! :) It was time to upgrade the TV; I hope they love it.

The kitty thought she could help too! Last night she must have thought these presents were a jungle gym because she drove me crazy playing on them and trying to attack the ribbon. Needless to say, Kitty got kicked out of my bedroom for the night...

On another note, my dad got creative and went DIY, hunter/gatherer style to be specific. He decided that he wanted to make a holiday wreath for either side of the front door. He literally gathered grapevine to make a grapevine wreath and attached pine tree branches, holly, berries, and more, all found in our yard. He finished the wreaths with store bought red bows that we've had in storage for years.

I never knew my dad was so creative!

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