Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week Recap

 Hello, hello! Happy Sunday! I hop you are enjoying the weekend.
It's been a while, I know, but I've been so busy. My work schedule has changed a little and I'm adjusting, but I've also had a sick kitty to tend to.
I've held two Christmas Cookie Decorating events at work for different age groups... they each had their own plates of cookies, decorations, and icing (red, green, and white).
It was funny to see how different these kiddos were- some wanted to decorate all of their cookies and take them home to share with their families, while others ate every single one and licked all of the icing off of their plates...
In the winter months, I lead the "Walk Through Winter" program at work. Three days a week, members of the community meet up, I drive them to the spot of their choice, and we walk for 3-5 miles. It's nice to get out of the office, especially when the weather's gorgeous!
We've had some of the most gorgeous sunsets lately.
And my kitty's starting to act like her "old" self again!
My first Nature Box arrived. I had a 50% off code and got my box for just $9.95. It was a great way to see what all the hype was about. At 10 bucks, the box is a steal (especially since I can't buy these products locally), but I don't know if I'd want to pay $20 per box for things I might not like... I'm just picky like that. While babe liked everything in the box, I loved the Vanilla Macaroon Granola and the Pistachio Power Clusters the best.
Are you ready for Christmas?
I'm as ready as I'm going to get!
It hasn't exactly felt like Christmas here on the island. I haven't even mailed the first card- I need to get on that ASAP. We're still without access to our bridge, and the ferry is sort of impossible. While things could certainly be worse and I'm so thankful that we're safe and we have all of the essentials, I miss leaving the island to go Christmas shopping, Christmas-light watching, and doing the festive things that we usually get to do. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime!
And as for the blog, I'll try to get back into the habit of posting more regularly. We'll see how that goes...

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