Sunday, December 22, 2013

Week Recap + Blondie Recipe + Last Minute Holiday DIY Projects

Hello, hello! I hope you all had an amazing week and an even better weekend. It got so warm here that we nearly turned on the AC; it certainly doesn't feel like Christmastime, but I'm fine with that. The forecast says that it will be colder by Christmas, but we'll see :)
We were thrilled that the bridge opened last Sunday. We definitely took advantage of it and did a little last minute Christmas shopping on Tuesday.
It's so funny to explain to people that this is our highway:

And a trip up north meant that there was a trip to The Good Life Gourmet.

And an annual stop by the Poulos family light display. It's amazing!
Kitty's acting like her normal self again!

And I made White Chocolate Blondie Bars for the Knitting Group. They're always a crowd pleaser!

Slowly getting decorated for Christmas!

Better late than never! Right?

The Christmas Countdown we made last year
And finally... the Mason Jar Snow Globes I made last year- so easy and so cute!

Are you ready for Christmas?
Other than waiting on a few more packages from Amazon, I'm all ready! I've not done my usual holiday baking this year, but my waist line is totally fine with that. Besides, having a full-time job, even as a Fitness Coordinator, means that there are lots of goodies laying around :)

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