Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine Burlap Votive Holders {Inspired by Target}

When you live on an island in the middle of nowhere, going to Target is a real treat. I love browsing their seasonal decor! The last time I was at Target, they were stocked for Valentine's Day. I remember seeing small votive holders that were wrapped in burlap and pained to look "Valentine-y." I almost bought them, but I quickly remembered I had everything at home to make them myself! So, here's my Target copycat Valentine Burlap Votive Holders.

You don't need much to make these-- just a votive holder (can be found at the $ store), burlap (Wal-Mart or your favorite craft store), a hot glue gun or craft glue, and paint.

Begin by cutting a strip of burlap to wrap around your votive holder. Make sure it wraps around completely!

Next, paint the burlap as desired-- polka dots, stripes, chevron, hearts, a love message, etc. Let the paint dry. Finally, secure the burlap with a few dabs of glue. Once the burlap os secured, the votive holder is ready for a candle. Now you have a pretty, easy, and inexpensive Valentine's decoration.

What are you up to this weekend?

I'm heading to Raleigh, NC for a Pilates workshop. I'm super excited, but nervous as I'm brand-new to Pilates. Any advice?

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