Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Meal & Fitness Tracker Printable

I have been eating pretty badly lately. Oops. I blame it on being tired.
In order to get back on track, I'm recording my workouts and the foods that I consume each day. And I make sure that I really do write everything down.  Food "diaries" or "logs" are really useful in recognizing food patterns and to see what you're actually eating every day. It's not about totally restricting or depriving yourself; it's about realizing what you're actually putting into your body and how much you're moving your body each day.
It makes me feel good to see something written down under the workout column for each day and it really motivates me to keep moving. At the same time, I probably won't eat three cinnamon rolls as a snack on Tuesday because I know I'm not going to want to write it down.
In the event that you want to track your eats and workouts too, here's a handy printable for your personal use!

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