Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Fitness Playlist + This Week's Workouts

Hello, friends. How is your week treating you so far? Today is officially day two of my new job. I'm learning what the job is all about and I'm really excited. In case you were wondering, I'm actually working in marketing. I'm glad I now have a job that will allow me to be creative-- I think it will challenge me, which is a great thing.

Now that I have more of a 9-5 schedule, I can easily establish a better routine for myself. A better routine for fitness, meals, and everything in between. 

Summer is usually a laid-back attitude of just "going with the flow" and fall is where I crave a routine! I'm already on track for a great new fitness routine (I'm following Monica's Turkey Trot 10K plan), and nothing makes committing to a workout easier than a great playlist.

And because I love you guys, here's a playlist that's great for the fall season. It's full of music that will inspire you to run harder and shake it faster :)

Have I mentioned that I love being back in a gym routine? Outdoor workouts are fun, but not when it's rainy out. Lugging weights to a muddy park to do a HIIT workout in the rain just isn't the same as a climate-controlled gym.

This Week's Workouts

Sunday- rest day

Monday- 3 mile run 

Tuesday- BodyRock HIIT workout and 30 minutes of cycling

Wednesday- 3 mile run

Thursday- rest day

Friday- I plan on a BodyRock HIIT workout and 30 minutes of cycling

Saturday- I plan on a 4 mile run 

What fitness adventures do you have planned for the week?
I'll be back on Friday with another delicious fall-inspired recipe :)

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