Monday, October 20, 2014

"Run, Lift, Run" Workout

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. 

I'm still enjoying mine, but will be back to work tomorrow. I was so lucky to get to spend some time with my parents and friends last weekend (and very lucky that Dad sent me home with tons of fish), but I do enjoy getting to spend time in my wonderful new city. We're already getting into a weekend routine... Sundays at Java Dog and walks downtown and brunch on Mondays at Salt Works II. It's glorious!

Interval training doesn't have to be very difficult with tricky moves and fancy equipment. It doesn't have to be intimidating and require a special timer. Sometimes simple is better and this workout is just that! 

This workout consists of intervals of running and weight training. There are three intervals of each. The running consists of a mile and the weight training consists of bicep curls, overhead tricep extensions, and wide bicep curls. Choose a challenging weight to get a good burn, but don't go so heavy that your form is compromised. Sub walking or jogging for the running if you would like, but try to challenge yourself. If you're just getting back into running (like me!) or if you're just starting to run, try to run each mile faster than the last. Splitting the 3 miles into 1-mile segments makes the running much more do-able and allows you to focus on your speed rather than the distance. If 1-mile is a bit much for you, go for a half-mile. 

*Remember to listen to and honor your body. Take breaks as needed, stay hydrated, and always start with a warm-up and cool-down. 

Happy exercising, friends!
And have a lovely week :)

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