Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday HIIT Day Workout

Hola! Hope you all are having a fabulous day and had a wonderful weekend. I'm blogging live at Starbucks. 

Gotta have a little passion tea in my life... that and I'm bumming their Internet! Ha! It's funny to me that the second Halloween is over, Starbucks whips out the Holiday drinks. They don't waste any time, but it will be a while before I'm ordering the Peppermint Mocha or any of its other holiday-drink counterparts. 

The kitty is getting spayed today. Poor thing. She doesn't even know it's coming. We're really hoping she might calm down a bit after her surgery. Don't let her fool you; she's never this calm. 

I've been in a little bit of a workout rut lately. I had been concentrating more on running than anything else, training for an imaginary 10K really. Though I sometimes truly enjoy running, I'm not the fastest runner and I need to work on lowering my heart rate before I can work on speed. It was getting frustrating, so I decided to switch things up and do what I love: HIIT training. 

I find HIIT training to be a lot of fun. I love the quick bursts of energy and the fact that even if you hate a specific exercise, it will be over in 30 seconds. Anyone can do anything for 30 seconds.

So if you're in a workout rut like I was, get your HIIT on and try this workout. Each set will take 9 minutes and 35 seconds. Complete the set 3 times for a quick, but effective full-body workout. You can do it!

*Please remember to honor your body and take breaks as needed. Always start with a warm-up and end with a cool-down. Happy exercising :)

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