Thursday, January 8, 2015

Back to the Grind + This Week's Workouts

Hi, friends. It's Thursday! I hope all of you are having a great week.

I'm in recovery mode from all holiday festivities. We had Christmas with my parents last weekend and we have just now rid the house of all junk food. I'm pretty sure that there's some homemade cookie dough in the freezer, but I'm going to let that stay hidden. And I'm going to convince myself that it's not in there...

I thought I'd share this week's workouts with all of you. My gym offers so many fitness classes, but I had never taken advantage of them until last week. Group fitness used to by myfavoritething, hello I taught group fitness for a living, but I had not seen the inside of a group fitness studio since moving to Wilmington in August. Like I said, last week everything changed.

I took my first Spin Class! It was actually a Les Mills class, RPM. It was also my first Les Mills class, as these classes were not offered in my small town. I had a blast! My legs were burning and the climbs felt oh so good.

I also took my first Zumba class at my gym. Oh how I have missed it! It was with a new instructor (she has been teaching for three years, but it was her first class at my gym) and she rocked it! Great instructors really do make all the difference, but I had almost forgotten how much I love Zumba and how great of a workout it is. I had all sorts of muscle soreness from using muscles I forgot I even had.

And on to this week's workouts...

Monday- Rest day

Tuesday- Spin Class

Wednesday- Body Pump

Thursday- Spin Class

Friday- 30 minutes easy cycle + circuit workout

Saturday- Rest day

Sunday- Zumba

How are you getting your sweat on this week?

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