Monday, January 19, 2015

Paint Chip Valentine Bookmarks

Hi, friends. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Right now, I'm on I-95 making my way back to Wilmington. I had a great time visiting my grandma and family in Maryland. It was also great to spend so much time with my mom. I miss that lady :) And it was also nice to spend time in the wonderlands that are Ikea and REI.

I have a fun Valentine craft for you all today... Paint Chip Valentine Bookmarks!

It costs practically nothing. I sort of stole the paint chips from a hardware store (and it shall remained unnamed), the ribbon was 50 cents, and the heart hole punch was $2.13 from Michael's (with a mobile coupon). I can only imagine how much fun I will have with that hole punch for future Valentine days-- totally worth the $2.13.

Anyway, I love this craft because it doesn't require any artistic or creative ability whatsoever. A child could make these!

You will need some paint chips, a regular circular hole punch, a  heart hole punch, ribbon, and scissors or a paper cutter.

Cut or trim the paint chips to the desired size. Use the hole punches to make fun patters or designs. Finally, add ribbon through the circular hole. Ta-da! And now you have a fun Valentine's book mark. If you have kiddos or co-workers, these would be so fun to pass out on Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine crafting & have a wonderful week :)
If you're looking for more DIY Valentine ideas, check out this post.

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