Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Stretch It Out Playlist + This Week's Workouts

Hello, hello. How are we? I'm having a great week so far. Today is day two back at work after a long weekend and I'm trying to get back into the work groove. It's rough, but I'll get there :)

I've been making more of an effort at meal planning lately. My typical pattern has been eggs/whole grains at breakfast, a salad at lunch, a few snacks through the day, then winging it for dinner. It's usually quite sad. It's hard to work a full day, go the gym, and then cook a real dinner. 

It sort of comical to think that I can't seem to manage my time well enough to cook dinner, but so many other women out there do all of it plus have children to raise #firstworldproblems

When you already have chopped veggies, cooked protein, cooked whole grains, etc. it's much easier to throw together a quick and healthy meal. 

Friends who food prep: What are your go-to recipes/meal ideas?

I've also been making an effort to stretch more. The research is definitely confusing when it comes to whether or not stretching is necessary, but if it feels good, so it!

Here's a fun playlist for stretching...

This week's workouts:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Spin class

Wednesday: Body Pump

Thursday: Spin class + hiit

Friday: 4-mile run

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Zumba 

Here's to a healthy week :)

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