Monday, July 15, 2013

7/14: One Beautiful Thing Monday

I want to slap myself for not having a photo of this week's One Beautiful Thing. Chuck and I went to the sound yesterday evening after dinner and since we planned to get wet, I didn't want to bring my camera. We waded in the water, swam around, and watched one of the prettiest sunsets that I have ever seen. The sky turned to a gorgeous pink color with orange and purple and fish were jumping all around us. It was simply breathtaking. The water felt great- more warm than cool, the way I like it. It reminded me of how beautiful our little island is and it makes me proud to say that I've lived here.
It's too bad that I left my camera at home last night, but I did take it with me when we went to the sound earlier last week. Here's a few shots from Wednesday...

Did you see something beautiful this week?
If so, share it in the comment box below.

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