Thursday, July 11, 2013

Garden Update

Happy Thursday, everyone. I've got a Zumba class to teach this morning, but other than that, it's a day free from work; how exciting!
Has anyone seen the new series on Lifetime called Desperate Maids? It's produced by the folks behind Desperate Housewives and it has that same captivating effect on me. It's my new guilty pleasure.
I've also been daydreaming about this house that I'm just dying to move into... it fits our budget and it's simply adorable. The perfect amount of character... so dreamy.
I can already picture my own garden in the backyard. Speaking of gardens...
I love my mom's garden. She's worked so hard this year so that we can have fresh veggies.
We've had tons of fresh green beans and my mom has already made a ton of hot pepper jelly and pickles. The bread and butter pickles are ready to go, but the dill pickles have a few more weeks to go so that they can get "dillified." Here's another peek of what's growing in our garden now:
We have cucumbers

And green peppers

And jalapeno peppers

And tomatoes

And carrots that are definitely not ready!

We learned a lot about growing carrots this year. We just planted the seeds like any other plant and that's where we went wrong. Carrots need their space and we basically planted the carrots on top of each other... whoops! However, I did eat the carrot anyway. Once I washed and peeled it, there was about an inch of a carrot- we're taking baby carrots to a whole new level!

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