Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cucumber-Lime Infused Water

I constantly crave something cold in the summer. It never fails. And sometimes, plain ol' boring water just doesn't work for me. I love lemonade and flavored water, but I don't necessarily love the added sugar and calories.
This is where fruit infused water comes in... Just chop up some fresh fruit, place it in the bottom of a pitcher, fill it with filtered water, and let it do it's thing! Herbs add great flavor too.
In my water, I used two limes and a large cucumber (the cucumber came straight from our garden) with a gallon of water. Some great flavor ideas are lemon, lime, and orange slices, strawberry and mint, or pineapple and basil. Get creative; the possibilities really are endless.

Tip: Let the fruit, veggies, or herbs "marinate" in the water for at least an hour before enjoying. The longer you wait, the more flavor. Remember, patience is a virtue even on hot summer days :)

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