Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easy Handmade Hanging Rack

Hello, hello. Happy weekend! Break out the power tools because I have a fun and easy tutorial for you today. This handmade hanging rack is very simple and inexpensive to make AND it's totally functional and cute. Make one this weekend; you won't regret it!

Start by choosing a piece of wood and cutting it to the size of your choice. Anything will work, even scraps. I chose some beautiful clear cedar, but that's totally not necessary. Tip: Ask your local lumberyard if they have any scraps or imperfect pieces laying around that they could give you or sell to you cheaply. And, most stores will even cut the board for you.

Once you have the board cut to size, grab the closest guy and have him rout the edges for you! Just kidding; girl, you got this! Routing isn't necessary either, but it makes nice finished edges. There are all sorts of router bits, so get creative!

Once the edges are routed, use a pal, sander to smooth any uneven surface. You can also use a piece of sandpaper. Next, paint the board! For this particular hanging rack, I wanted more of a shabby look so I applied a lighter coat to let some of the grain show through.

I then went over the board with a piece of sandpaper and roughed it up a bit to further achieve the look I was going for. Next, I measured the board and decided where the knobs would go. Once I had it all figured out, I marked each spot and pre-drilled the holes.

Choose some knobs and make sure you have screws that fit each knob. Mixing and matching knobs creates a fun look. My knobs were given to me by a hardware store that discontinued several lines of their knobs. Their old display = inspiration and project time for me! Other thoughts: traditional hooks would also look great on this rack.

Attach the knobs and add some brackets on the back for easy hanging and you are done.

I love these hanging racks. The two below are hanging in my closet. These provide a fun way to display and store jewelry, purses, jackets, and more.

This is probably my favorite edge- I love this router bit! So classy.

Power tools: yes or no?

With a little guidance, I love to work on projects requiring power tools. 
I used to be afraid of them, but there're really nothing to be scared of :)


  1. Such a fun idea for a way to hang all those accessories! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


    1. Thanks, Alison! I have them all over my house.


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