Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Easy Painted Mason Jar

Our daffodils have been blooming like crazy over the last few weeks. It's a sure sign that spring is finally here, whether the weather wants to admit it or not... 

I often arrange flowers in mason jars; it's simple and easy. And if the jar breaks, it's no biggie. In an attempt to spruce up my mason jar, I bought enamel paint to add some color. This paint has a bit of a frosted look, which was really neat. I didn't realize that it was frosted paint until after I baked the jar, but if I had realized prior, I would have put the paint on the outside of the jar. Either way, it still looks great and it was a really inexpensive solution to pretty-up a plain jar. 

To get this look, clean your jar with rubbing alcohol and let it dry. Apply DecoArt Americana Frost Glass Enamel Paint. I used their turquoise paint; it made for a beautiful contrast!

If you are painting the inside of your jar, squirt 2 ounces (depending on the size of your jar) of paint into the jar and rotate the jar until it is fully covered in paint. Flip the jar upside down and allow the excess paint to drip out for about 15 minutes. Placing your jar on paper plates or newspaper works well. After, turn your jar upright and let it dry.

If you are painting the outside of your jar, grab a brush and start painting!

Once you have painted your jar, (either the inside or outside) allow it to dry for 4 days. Once 3 days has passed, bake your jar at 275* for 30 minutes in a non-preheated oven. Let the mason jar cool with the oven door open.

The photo below is a more realistic representation of what the color looks like.

**For safety reasons, if you plan on drinking out of your jar do not paint the inside of the jar. I wouldn't recommend putting paint anywhere that your lips would touch.

Does it feel like spring where you live??

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