Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Perfect Iced Coffee

When it's warm outside, iced coffee is a crucial part of my morning routine. I love stopping by my favorite local coffee shop to get my fix, but the cost of that daily fix starts to add up really fast. I'm thrilled to now have a super quick and easy way to make my own iced coffee. It doesn't involve fancy equipment, tools, or ingredients.

Perfect Iced Coffee

Brew your favorite coffee to your desired strength. Keep in mind that iced coffee will get watered-down by the ice, so be sure to make it just a bit stronger than your normally would drink it. While the coffee is still hot, transfer it to a glass mason jar (or another container that can withstand the heat) add sweetened condensed milk to taste. The sweetened condensed milk adds the perfect sweetness and there's no need for creamer. Let cool and refrigerate. Pour the cold coffee over ice and enjoy!

If you drink coffee, do you like it hot or cold?


  1. I am a huge iced coffee fan, just got into it about a year or so ago! I admit that I prefer it to be pretty sweet. Today I am hosting a Facebook Link Up Party! I would love if you would come share this post! :)

    1. I love my coffee sweet too! Thanks :) I really need to get on fb...

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